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Paul is her brother in french duolingo

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Examples Son frre HisHer brother Son (HisHer) is a masculine possessive adjective and frre is a masculine noun. Fun, effective, and 100 free.


I know Every time I listen to them, I'd be like "they need to be together", they keep. "Paul parle.

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m. It teaches how to use the verb "to understand" in Klingon, as well as names and language.

Paul is her brother in french duolingo. oui yes bien well comment howwhat bonjour good morninggood afternoon &231;a va how are youI am fine comment &231;a va how are you et toi and you bonsoir good evening.

"Marie parle avec son frre (never sa frre), sa soeur, ses enfants" "Marie is talking with her brother, her sister, her children".

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Paul is her brother in french duolingo Learn and play, thats what Duolingo says.

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Nov 21, 2022 My brother-in-law is French & he had a look at the Duolingo French "lessons".

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